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Grazing Newlands - Sweet Spring Grass

Sweet Spring Grass

As Spring approaches consider the effect of rich Spring grass on your horse or pony, particularly if it suffers from or is prone to health issues. Consider the benefit of those sweet sugars after a winter of hay but also the effects on turnout, laminitis, colic and of those frosty mornings.

Groundwork Training - Lungeing Your Horse

Groundwork Training

Groundwork training skills, tips and techniques to improve both your horses manners and your handling. Set and achieve training goals and build the horse you want. Happy Hacker or Dressage superstar its all achievable if you begin the right way

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Get Fit To Ride

Yes; mucking out, filling haynets, pooh picking and walking back and forth to the field will help with your general fitness. But yard chores can sometimes fix muscle groups in rigid positions and can over-develop your forearms or biceps on just one side. Making you over-use the rein or lean more on that side.